Pixel x Pixel Episode 65

E3/Summer of Games/Wholesome Games and the whole flurry of mid-year gaming events have come and gone, and we have lots of news to talk about! But before that, Marcus has put together another model kit and reviewed Musicus, which turns out not to be a rhythm game. We’ve also got the big scoop on the hottest news outside of E3 – Marcus’ newest podcast! Plus, Anne reviews a visual novel and talks a lot about Resident Evil media. Please note there are some audio issues in the first part of the podcast, but it was remedied from Media Minutes onward.

18:00 – Media Minutes: Passions, Are You in the House Alone?, Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil Vendetta, Collar X Malice
37:00 – Notable News: Nextlander, Hideshi Hino’s City of Pigs, Tokyo Onmyoji: The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi and My Dear Frankenstein localization announcements, Lamento localization indefinite hold, Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart release date, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties re-release, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water ports, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp, Warioware Get It Together, Danganrona Decadence, Breath of the Wild 2

♫ “Willie Lomans,” “5 minutes pleasure,” and “6 pence and moon” from Alphabet Planet by Hiroki Kikuta


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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.