Chic Pixel Plus Episode 52 – Good Vibes

Rooster God Okami

In our first episode of 2017, we take a trip in a time machine… All the way back to November 2016 (when this episode was originally recorded)! Times were bleak because Trump was just elected, so really, not much has changed. But never to stay downtrodden for too long, we get those good, good vibes goin’ this episode with comfort media favorites such as Sailor MoonPokémon, and Yuri!!! on ICE. Happy year of the rooster, everyone!

00:08:15 – Sailor Moon R movie in US theaters
00:12:49 – Upcoming 2017 anime
00:13:34 – Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc
00:18:28 – Pokémon Sun Moon
00:31:05 – Yuri!!! on ICE 
00:42:52 – Pokémon Sun Moon anime
00:49:54 Poco’s Udon World
00:53:36 – Kimi no na wa
00:58:02 – Sailor Moon Drops
01:07:16 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch

Opening ♫ – “Moon Revenge” – Peach Hips
Closing ♫ – “Stand By Me” – Florence and the Machine


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