Chic Pixel Plus Episode 51 – R&R

Yuri on Ice sleep screenshot

In this episode of Chic Pixel Plus, recorded all the way back in mid October, we discuss the anime and games we’re currently enjoying in pre-Trump winning the election bliss! Hear our first impressions on anime like Yuri!!! on Ice and Classicaloid as well as the Pokémon Sun/Moon and World of Final Fantasy game demos. Oh, and we talk about a little thing called the Nintendo Switch, too! Trigger warning for discussion of suicide in the Nippon Neighborhood Watch segment at the end of the episode.

00:04:38 – Nintendo Switch reveal
00:16:10 – Pokémon Sun/Moon demo
00:18:59 – World of Final Fantasy demo
00:30:21 – Disney Magical World 2
00:38:54 – Yuri!!! on Ice first impressions
00:50:56 – Classicaloid first impressions
00:55:06 Uma no Prince-sama 
01:00:29 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch (TW: suicide)

Monkey Warp for Game Boy Jam 5

Opening ♫ – “Miracle Worker” – Perfume
Closing ♫ – “History Maker” – Dean Fujioka


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