Chic Pixel Plus Episode 48 – Tomoyo Fan Club

Tomoyo happy Cardcaptor Sakura

It’s finally time to discuss the new Danganronpa anime! (no spoilers though, we promise). Plus, Sarah gives her final impressions of Lady and Old Man, Anne has a lot of things to say about Sanrio Danshi, and there’s plenty of gushing over the figures announced at the summer Wonder Festival. Sarah also talks about what it’s like to play Pokémon Go in the Pokémon capital of the world (it has to be Tokyo, right?!), and Anne finally watches an anime classic in episode 48 of Chic Pixel Plus!

00:03:50 – Level-5 announcements: Lady LaytonOtome Yuusha
00:09:39 – Summer Wonder Festival figure announcements
00:14:14 – Bleach manga ending
00:19:48 – Sanrio Danshi manga
00:30:52 – Lady and Old Man follow-up
00:34:28 – Danganronpa 3
00:40:12 – Cardcaptor Sakura 
00:46:51 – Pokémon Go in Tokyo
00:57:30 – Matsuri season 

Opening ♫ – “RAIMEI” – T.M. Revolution
Closing ♫ – Groovy!” – Kohmi Hirose


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