Chic Pixel Plus Episode 45 – Hurray for Manko

Rokudenashiko partially not guilty

Here at Chic Pixel, we don’t let server troubles stop us from getting you new episodes of Chic Pixel Plus! In this episode, we’re still obsessed with Granblue Fantasy, but we still find time to talk about new Pokémon news, the “free manko” ruling, and a whole slew of spring season anime. Plus, App Attack is back with a nifty app called 72 Seasons, and Sarah tells us all about the Sailor Moon anniversary exhibit!

00:09:28 – Pokémon Sun and Moon news
00:17:53 – Free Manko ruling
00:27:55 – Granblue Fantasy Corner
00:39:12 – Osomatsu-san
00:45:35 – Flying Witch
00:49:09 – My Hero Academia
00:53:02 – Kumamiko
00:58:06 – Tanaka-kun is Listless 
01:00:00 – App Attack: 72 Seasons
01:04:25 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch: Sailor Moon anniversary exhibit

Opening ♫ – “eternal eternity” by Junko Minagawa and Sayaka Ohara
Closing ♫ – “Climson Child” by Hiroki Kikuta


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