Chic Pixel Plus Episode 41 – Where the Critters at

Mahou Jika Hatsuden My Private Magic Generator manga

The critters where a lie?! In episode 41 of Chic Pixel Plus, we discuss Firewatch fan translations, the casting of Kubo and the Two Strings, and our supreme disappointment at our Manga Book Club pick’s lack of cute critters. Then, we catch up on three whole episodes of each of the anime we’re watching this season to prepare for the impending finales. Finally, Sarah fills us in on the myraid of things you can have delivered to your home in Japan… including onsen water!

00:03:00 – Firewatch fan translations [blog post]
00:12:53 – Kubo and the Two Strings casting [trailer]
00:19:33 – Manga Book Club
00:37:20 – Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju episodes 7-9 [drama CD 1+2]
00:53:14 – Erased episodes 7-9
01:01:26 – Prince of Stride Alternative episodes 7-9
01:09:25 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch

Opening ♫ – “Koko dake no hanashi” by Chatmonchy
Closing ♫ – “Strider’s High” by O×T NOTE


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