Chic Pixel Plus Episode 40 – Cute Critters

P-chan Okinawan chicken
P-chan the chicken (photo by Sarah)

Chic Pixel Plus is back! In episode 40, we celebrate Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary and the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, ruminate over Funimation’s Escaflowne Kickstarter, and pick our next manga title (featuring a cute critter, of course). Then Sarah recaps her trip to Okinawa to visit her family, and gives us more of the cute critter action we crave in the form of the one-eyed chicken P-chan.

00:03:09 – Pokémon 20th anniversary, Pokémon Sun and Moon
00:07:36 – Funimation’s Escaflowne Blu-ray Kickstarter [ANN interview]
00:16:00 – Manga Book Club
00:19:00 – Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju episodes 5-6
00:29:02 – Erased episodes 5-6
00:46:18 – Prince of Stride Alternative episodes 5-6
00:55:54 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch

Opening ♫ – “Mystic Eyes” by Hiroki Wada
Closing ♫ – “Opening” by Junichi Masuda


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