Chic Pixel Plus Episode 35 – Everything is Grey

Moriawase Girls manga face

Who’s excited about Monster Hunter X? We certainly are! We’re also excited about this episode’s Manga Book Club pick Moriawase Girls, which turns out to be just the right combination of creepy and cute. Meanwhile, Concrete Revolutio and The Perfect Insider make us scratch our heads, and things even get a little more philosophical as we recount the latest episodes of One Punch Man. And have you ever wondered what Japanese cop shows are like? Sarah’s got you covered there, too!

00:01:11 – Monster Hunter X
00:10:56 – Free manga by Inio Asano promotion at Ebook Japan
00:13:14 – Yoko Shimomura Game-Along
00:15:28 – Right Stuf holiday sale [Anne’s guide]
00:16:11 – Honoring Shigeru Mizuki
00:19:16 – Manga Book Club
00:44:52 – A Perfect Insider episodes 6-7
00:56:23 – Concrete Revolutio episodes 7-8
01:04:24 – One Punch Man episodes 7-8
01:12:06 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch

Opening ♫ – “Match Uri Shoujo” by Suiyoubi no Campanella
Closing ♫ – “Jeuno – Starlight Celebration” by Naoshi Mizuta


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