Chic Pixel Plus Episode 27 – Princes, Boyfriends, and Chii-chan

Yume100 Parody Comic
Sarah’s Yume100 parody comic

Episode 27 of Chic Pixel Plus is full of princes and boyfriends! Prince boyfriends, if you will. Oh, and we also discuss our first Manga Book Club pick, Chii-chan wa Chotto Tarinai and reminisce about our youth. Ah, to be young and have prince boyfriends.

Other exciting topics include that absurd new Final Fantasy XV trailer, a comic called Otaku Dad, our bi-weekly anime recap, and a woeful tale of failure in Sarah’s Nippon Neighborhood Watch report. Enjoy, and don’t forget to send us feedback! We love hearing from you.

[Japanese Kindle tutorial, Japanese iTunes tutorial]

Opening ♫ – “This New Year” by Big Tree

Closing ♫ – Squid Sisters song


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