Chic Pixel Plus Episode 26 – Anime Insight

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In the first official episode in the new season 2 format, we reveal our first Manga Book Club pick, discuss the first two episodes of the summer anime we’re watching, and swoon over the new Odin Sphere HD remake (note: English version was confirmed after we recorded). The Death Note drama gets what might be its final update on the show, and Anne implores everyone with a Crunchyroll subscription to read the Princess Jellyfish manga. We even unveil a brand new segment, App Attack, where we gush over the adorable smartphone game Alphabear. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! Send it on over to

[Chii-chan wa chotto tarinai on Amazon JapanJapanese Kindle tutorial]

Opening ♫ – “Kakusinteki☆Metamaruphooose!” by Aimi Tanaka

Closing ♫ – “WHITE ASH” by Insight


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