Chic Pixel Plus Episode 24 – Tokyo Boys and Girls

Cat Sushi Schoolgirl

In this brand-spanking new episode of Chic Pixel Plus, Sarah and Roy of My Fair Hunter (and many other lovely things!) join me to discuss their recent move to Tokyo. Roy divulges what it’s like working at the localization company 8-4 Ltd., Sarah shares her webcomic process, and we all gush a little bit too much about kotatsu. Japanese grocery coupons, freelance lifestyle, bringing cats overseas… If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to move across the world or work for a localization company in Japan, this is the show for you!

Opening ♫ – Mr. Roboto – Styx
Closing ♫ – Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy – Teruko Akatsuki


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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.