Chic Pixel Plus Episode 17 – The Vocaloidisode

In honour of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd coming out in English later this year, my Nichiest Podcast Ever co-host, prolific games writer, and pro podcaster shidoshi joins me to discuss all things Vocaloid! Okay, we recorded this episode way before Sega dropped the Project Diva f 2nd bombshell this week, but it’s perfect timing, wouldn’t you say?

First, however, we have to go over some news, and we manage to delve into a rather lengthy discussion of otome games because it wouldn’t be an episode of Chic Pixel Plus without at least a little otoge talk! But if you’ve always wanted to know what the big deal is about Vocaloids, you’ve come to the right place! We cover everything from their origins to live concerts in LA, so be sure to stick around after the news if you want to learn more about the Vocaloid phenomenon.

shidoshi’s best of Megurine Luka playlist:
my favorite Vocaloid songs playlist:

Opening ♫ – levan Polkka Hatsune Miku cover ver. – Otomania
Closing ♫ – ???


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