Chic Pixel Plus Episode 15 – Anime Boyfriends

Looking back, I’m surprised I made it 15 episodes without naming one of them “Anime Boyfriends.” Well, the time has finally come, and who better to talk about anime boyfriend simulators (aka otome and BL games) with than Amanda Cosmos? Her background in QA brings some really interesting insight to the discussion, as well, since I know absolutely nothing about how games work beneath what I see on the screen. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with otome or BL games – we discuss exactly what those words mean, as well as some standout titles in the genres and our own personal favorites!

Remember, February is Dating Sim Month, so there’s no better time to jump into the genre!

Dating Sim Community Game-Along information:
Amanda’s Otome 101 part 1:

Opening ♫ – Ai Catch – Goatbed
Closing ♫ – Orion de SHOUT OUT – Kishō Taniyama


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