Chic Pixel Plus Episode 14 – Let Me Show You My Totems

Come one, come all, to the first episode of Chic Pixel Plus of 2014! I’m joined by games writer Janine (@bleatingheart) for a special themed episode on all things crafty, cutesy, and figure-y! We cover everything from deco to Re-Ments, Nendoroids to Volks, so if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about a different side of Japanese nerd (and not so nerdy) culture, then be sure to give this episode a listen!

We also get a little serious about the stigmas associated with the topics we cover, as well as answer some listener questions. We’re kicking off the new year with a bang, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the show!

My other podcast has a new episode up, too!
Read Janine’s games writing here:

Opening ♫ – Rouge no Dengon – Arai Yumi
Closing ♫ – Rashiku Ikimashō – Meu


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