Chic Pixel Plus Episode 13 – The Year of the PSP

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the first annual Chic Pixel Plus Holiday Special! And a special podcast it is, as I have none other than esteemed game critic Brad Gallaway with me to discuss Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, monster media, two iOS games with the word “puzzle” in their title, and, of course, all things holiday related!

In addition to reminiscing a little on Christmases past and divulging a little of what’s bringing us cheer this year, we also chat about a few of our favorite games from 2013 and unanimously declare it to be the year of the PSP.

Super Asian Bundle Blast – (ends 24 Dec!)
Brad’s top games of 2013 –

Opening ♫ – Chocobo’s Happy Christmas – Masashi Hamauzu
Closing ♫ – Omedetou Kurisumasu – Rica Fukami & Columbia Yurikago Kai


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