Chic Pixel Plus Episode 9 – This is (Not) Episode 10

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In a fall anime special of Chic Pixel Plus, Shaun makes his triumphant return so we can throw down our first impressions of five new anime: Kill La Kill, Log Horizon, Kyoukai no Kanata, Samurai Flamenco, and BlazBlue Alter Memory. We also briefly discuss Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Rayman Legends.I may have jumped the gun by proclaiming this podcast episode 10 when it is in fact episode 9 (you’ll see what I mean when you tune in), but the fact that Chic Pixel Plus is now on iTunes is 100% accurate! In the interest of keeping the iTunes descriptions short, I’m going to start cutting back on the content of these posts. But please subscribe, and leave a (hopefully positive) review!


Opening ♫ – BlazBlue Alter Memory – BLUE BLAZE
Closing ♫ – Rayman Origins – Tricky Treasure Chase

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