Chic Pixel Plus: Episode 6 – Final Fantasy XIV: A Wallet Emptied

Come one, come all, for a very special themed episode of Chic Pixel Plus! This week, I’m joined by Final Fantasy MMO nut and general nerd Mog for an in-depth discussion of Final Fantasy: XIV: A Realm Reborn! And we make a pretty good duo, if I do say so myself:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper episode without some news, so we also discuss the pre-TGS Sony Japan press conference that was chock-full of exciting and not-quite-as-exciting game and hardware announcements! What’s this newfangled PS Vita model? Did Sony say something about a Soul Sacrifice sequel? What exactly was so bad about the original Final Fantasy XIV? And why do we keep bringing up that other Japanese online game, Phantasy Star Online 2? Find out the answers to these pressing questions and a whole lot more in Chic Pixel Plus episode 6!

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Time codes:

00:00:32 – Introductions
00:00:52 – Sony Japan’s pre-TGS press conference (Soul Sacrifice Delta, Phantasy Star Nova, new Danganronpa, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD PS Vita)
00:13:33 – PS Vita 2000, PS Vita TV
00:24:06 – FFXIV makes Anne consider a PS4
00:30:18 – Main topic: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, our MMO backgrounds
00:35:08 – Final Fantasy XIV 1.0
00:43:43 – From beta to launch
01:00:27 – Endgame
01:20:15 – Closing thoughts

Opening ♫ – By Design – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Closing ♫ – Akachan wa doko kara kuru no?The Rub Rabbits! (feat. in Phantasy Star Online 2)

Bonus image:

No, my avatar doesn’t look sketchy at all…

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