Chic Pixel Plus Episode 4 – Freelance Game Localizer Extrodinare

The long wait for a new Chic Pixel Plus episode is finally over, and I think you’re all in for a treat! Following episode 3’s Japanese language and game-centric podcast, I was lucky enough to snag freelance translator Gabe Glick for a great discussion on game localization, Japanese language learning, and raising a family in Japan. If you’re at all interested in any of those things, then this podcast is for you!

A quick caveat: we recorded two days before I left for Japan, so there is some brief pre-Japan talk, but it doesn’t really affect the content of the podcast as a whole. I just don’t want anyone to think they’re going nuts since I’m already back!

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Time codes:

00:00:20 – Introductions
00:04:13 – Freelance translation/game localization discussion (feat. Chaos Rings, Tales of Graces f, and more!)
00:16:18 – Translation methods and difficulties
00:20:50 – Advanced Japanese language learning, JLPT
00:35:20 – Living in Japan/raising family as a foreigner
00:48:20 – My whirlwind Japan romance
00:58:53 – Character tie-in campaigns and convenience stores
01:10:36 – Closing comments

Opening ♫ – Merchant’s Song – Chaos Rings
Closing ♫ – Domino’s app feat. Hatsune Miku ad

Be sure to check out Gabe’s online portfolio for the full list of games and guides he’s worked on! He can also be contacted on Twitter, and I’m sure he’d be delighted to answer any Japanese language or localization-related questions.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast! Now that I’m back from Japan, I plan to get back to a regular bi-weekly schedule and perfect my weirdly abrupt closing comments (sorry about that!). As always, please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you may have!

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