Swooning Over: Utsutsu Nendoroid

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid

I’d never thought the day would come when I owned a Nendoroid wearing a bikini, but here we are! I just couldn’t resist grabbing a Nendoroid based on one of Kinako’s amazing Gatchaman Crowds character designs. While Ichinose Hajime is actually my favorite character from the series, I was unfortunately a little disappointed by her Nendoroid‘s accessories. When I saw Utsutsu’s adorable Nendoroid form, however, I just couldn’t resist!

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid Puppy

Okay, I’ll admit, I was also heavily swayed by Kinako posting pictures of her own Utsutsu Nendoroid on her Twitter account. While I was unsure whether I would really be happy owning a bikini Nendoroid, I’m really glad I decided to get her!

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid Box Back

The back of Utsutsu’s box shows off some of her different accessories and poses. I love that she comes with an elephant watering can and Paiman, aka Pai-pai! (fun fact: we named our puppy after this adorable fellow)

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid Stand

I was surprised to find a different type of base included with Utsutsu than is usually provided with other Nendoroids, but I think I prefer this kind of simple design. The Gatchaman symbol is a great detail, too. But Utsutsu’s hair is so big, she can actually stand on her own!

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid Front Detail

Isn’t she adorable?! I especially love her hair, which is keeping her upright in this photo. The detail on the black bikini is really immaculate – just look at those tiny ruffles! I’m going to have to get over my embarrassment of carrying around a bikini Nendoroid in public, because I want to take tons of photos of her!

Swooning Over Utsutsu Nendoroid Back

So much green hair! I hope Good Smile Company makes the rest of the Gatchaman Crowds cast into Nendoroids, because Utsutsu turned out far better than I imagined! But if I could only have one, I’d kill for Berg Katze…

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  • Tzivya

    She is do adorable!

  • Such a cutie! I love that she can stand without a base too 😀
    I know what you mean about owning a bikini figure though, I don’t often have my Sonico Nendo in her bikini heh


    • Hehe yeah it definitely makes me a bit self-conscious XD;; But she’s cute so it’s worth it!

  • GoldfishKing

    Thank you very much for the review! I have both of them, but it’s fun searching the web to see other people’s reactions to her! Just stopped by to say, you should inquire to the GSC request page asking for more Gatcha nendoroids! I recently wrote to them asking for Katze too having found out that if a certain character gets plenty of requests, it would be possible to make them!
    (This isn’t the first time seeing your blog, so again thank you for all the reviews and translations!)

    • Thank you for the comment and kind words about my blog! And that’s a great idea – I think I responded to a GSC survey requesting more Gatchaman Crowds Nendos a while back, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to fill out a request form too!

      • GoldfishKing

        And thank you for replying! That’s so awesome that you did! Because I think this year has a lot of potential! Happy New Years to you! Happy GoGo Year!