Chic Pixel Plus Episode 32 – Fall Anime First Impressions

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju exhibit

The time has come to throw down our first impressions of the 2015 fall anime season! And, in a first in Chic Pixel Plus history, one show just doesn’t make the cut…. We also discuss the anime opening theme collaboration made in heaven, scanalations, and get a wee serious in Nippon Neighborhood Watch about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Do either of us still play Splatoon? What the hell is going on in this episode’s cover image? Learn all that and more on this week’s episode of Chic Pixel Plus!

00:01:38 – Hayashibara Megumi and Shiina Ringo’s anime theme collab
00:05:24 – Buzzfeed article promotes scanalations?
00:21:13 – Splatoon update
00:42:14 – Manga Book Club: Centaur Edition
00:28:40 – The Perfect Insider episode 1
00:37:00– Concrete Revolutio episodes 1-2
00:45:37 – One Punch Man episodes 1-2
00:54:38 – JK Meshi episodes 1-2
01:01:14 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch [further reading]

Opening ♫ – “Youthful Days’ Graffiti ” by Hanasoumen-P
Closing ♫ – Splatoon festival turf war theme


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  • To the Buzzfeed talk: the article did have links to what seemed like the JP official link for each manga; 10 out of the 13 manga listed are not licensed. Gyo and Uzumaki were linked, Dragon Head was formerly published by Tokyopop.

    So I’mma go bet that scanlations were used for the English.

    The Perfect Insider: The name (Perfect Insider) could be hint to something in the anime??? Yeah, that’s all I got. But yeah, I’ve been watching that show too. Been quite good so far.

    Dunno if you’ll have the time, but Young Black Jack (story about Tezuka’s Black Jack when he was young and aiming to be a doctor) and Anige Eleven (not an anime, but interviews with Japanese entertainment, it’s up on Daisuki) seem to be worth watching I think. Kagewani (it is kind of horror, yet not really) is 7 minutes, so if you need a replacement short, here you go!

    • 10 out of 13?! Wow, that’s even more than I expected. Thanks for clearing that up!

      You may not have gotten to that part of the podcast, but I did mention that I’m thinking of checking out Young Black Jack… A lot of folks on my Twitter feed seem to be enjoying it ^^ I haven’t heard of Kagewani, but it sounds interesting! Yet again, too much to watch!!

      • …Oops. Did I miss that part in the podcast 😀