Chic Pixel Plus Episode 30 – Asparagus Paradox

Wakakozake asparagus

30 seemed like a cool number to celebrate, so we begin this episode with a hurrah before diving straight in to the good word on Japanese Netflix and all our favorite news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Then, Manga Book Club dons a ghost costume as Sarah announces her spooky October pick (and relays a related tale of woe). Most notably, we now have show notes so you can skip segments of TGI Anime to avoid spoiling certain shows! Check ’em out:

0:02:14 – Japanese Netflix
0:08:25 – TGS 2015
0:42:40 – Umaru Nendoroid re-release
0:44:26 – Makura no Danshi game
00:47:07 – Manga Book Club: Halloween Edition
0:54:31 – Japanese Kindle PSA
0:58:35 – Himouto Umaru-chan episodes 9-10
1:10:33 – School-Live! episodes 9-10
1:21:08 – Makura no Danshi episodes 9-10
1:29:13 – Wakakozake episodes 10-11
1:36:49 – Gatchaman Crowds insight episodes 9-10
1:55:52 – Nippon Neighborhood Watch

Sarah’s Manga Book Club pick

Opening ♫ – “Tenchou, Watashi Baito Yamemasu” by Su凸ko D凹koi
Closing ♫ – “Makura no Danshi” by Natsuki Hanae


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