Chic Pixel Plus Episode 29 – The Only 5 Year Old

5 Year Old Danshi

We all knew it was coming… In this episode, we discuss a number of prickly subjects, including comics set in Japan written by non-Japanese authors, what a five year old is doing in our hot boy anime, and how we critique our media. We also review our Manga Book Club pick, Hakumei to Michiko, which can basically be summarized with one word: “cute.” You’ll also find impressions of Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, Match ShōjoDragonball Z: Resurrection F, and a whole lot more in this whopping 2+ hour episode!

Opening ♫ – “Haru to Shura” by Kinoko Teikoku

Closing ♫ – “Monster Hunter Swing”


About Anne Lee

Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.

  • Hakumei is such a cute manga. Great recommendation! and I loved how you both touched on Japanese representation in Hollywood and the implications of using Japan as a setting. I think American media’s representation of Asians and Asian-Americans still has a long way to go. oh and the young child in Makura no Danshi gives me the creeps as well. I liked the businessman episode in the limo, but the rest have not interested me. Placing a child among the “pretty men” is so out of place. They should have just made a new show called “Makura no shota (or younger)” if they wanted to appeal to that crowd. As a gay man who loves age-appropriate bara and yaoi, I view anything under 18 years old as pedophilia, but I have seen there is obviously a huge market that loves that stuff in Japan. I think the appeal of the hot men for “Makura” was interesting at first and now it’s like “do not want.”

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Hakumei to Michiko! I know we both did. I haven’t really been a fan of many of the Makura no Danshi boys (mainly because the awful animation and structure of the eps makes it hard to get into), but 5 year old danshi certainly takes the cake… It definitely takes a creepy turn when they’re marketing the boys as characters you’re supposed to feel attracted to >_<

  • Franggio Hogland

    Ahh we had Anime Saturdays here in Sweden during late 80s and early 90s. Spearheaded by Sailor Moon that unfortunately got pulled due to the “content”. Kids can’t deal with homosexuals ya know -.- But then resurrected with Silverfang. Kids had no problems with all that violence, physical and verbal apparently. But we also got mangas/animes such as Hadashi No Gen, man was that a sad one :(, Cobra, Lonewolf and Cub, Genshi Shonen Ryo, Balatack, Versailles Ros, Starzingers we even had the government go in with funds to Nippon Animation and Mushi Production so they could make an anime of an old Swedish children book, Vicky the Viking ^^ And tons of other goodies Mostly thanks to France actually, especially the Shoujo and Josei Anime/Manga.but the anime only got subbed during the late 90s though. The market had shrunk. To bad Japan decided to kill off the Anime/Manga here in Europe though 🙁 For every series we got localised here we got 1-2 others the publishers where forced to publish as well. Even though they where garbage 🙁 Luckily One Piece and Ghibli has kinda resurrected the Anime and Manga scene here in Europe again 🙂 Btw best publisher name ever “Alvglans” meaning Elven Shine 😀

    Ohh Amnesia….yeah uhm..yeah. They are literally all dicks. No I mean Giant Dicks but is it just me making the wrong choices? Or are they always like that? 🙁

    Periscope is weird though, can’t pause and close and then resume.

    hmm, appropriation. I have another deja vu feeling now. Anyway if I get this right it’s kinda like doing a story about Japan, set in Japan, a Japanese setting with Japanese people but no a single one of the characters actually being Japanese? kinda like whitewashed as heck? Kinda like that yellow-facing dude always playing Asian? Sturges was his name? Can’t remember but it just seemed so wrong. We have plenty of great Asian actors, why not use them if the role calls for it? Going through some dumb make up session just to make a dude look Asian instead of hiring one…yeah that’s bad.
    Anyway, I might be totally out in the wrong now but as for these cultural exchanges isn’t it just right? When we as a society have more exchanges of culture isn’t it natural that we will come to integrating different things? And the more we in the world integrate the bigger the exchange will be. Or is it just me and my group of friends that are the weird? Yes we “different” people tried to stick together instead of staying out alone and the most notable part, at least for me. Is the food. I don’t eat latin, black, white, Asian etc etc it’s just a big pile of delicious foods I learned to do through my friends. Also the holidays. Best excuse ever to make up your own holiday where we used to gather and just be us ^^ Though I must say that I naively have said many times that there isn’t a difference. Yeah there is no difference in the worth of us as people but I never reflected over the smaller parts in different cultures. I blame my dad for being “different” from other Swedes 🙂 Well living all over the world for half of his life made him pick up different things and I just took after him. So little mixed me tried to never think of anyone as weird instead I just made it a point to learn more. I have to admit that I thought it really weird when I was around 7 and I saw my first male model and wondered why he used mummies paint on his face. Perfect excuse to play with mums make up when she told me dudes could use make up as well 😀

    5 years old…yeah no. I’m out.

    Habushu is nice, impossible to import though. I can buy it locally but the markup price…yeah it’s silly. It’s not like it’s cheap to start with. At least not for the quality stuff 🙂 Know what? I came for the anime but the food talk is great 😀 Even the spam, going to try it for once actually 🙂

    Uncolle? A literal kuso game? Know what. I can make a stupid joke but everything that can help people is great 🙂

    • Sorry for your reply, it took me a while to digest your whole comment! I always had this impression that Europe got a lot more anime in the 90s than the US, but I didn’t realize that it declined in recent years.

      As for Amnesia, I honestly think they’re kind of jerks when you choose the right answers, haha! Regarding appropriation, actually the stories we were discussing contain Japanese people, which I think is a bit different than writing a story about say, a white person in Japan. There are a lot of issues with a foreigner writing a story about a Japanese person in Japan, which is why Sarah was saying that she’d like people writing those kinds of stories to consult actual Japanese people. I think being conscious of the potential problems is definitely important!

      And I’m glad you like our food talk! We certainly do like talking about food…

      • Franggio Hogland

        No worries Anne, I always assume I write to much. 🙂 So that’s on me ^^
        Jerks aren’t hot -.-
        Appropriation, yes it’s always good to get input from a someone living there so to speak(meaning ex-paths can also be blind). I mean I saw something online yesterday about a Japanese webizen that didn’t get hand gestures in western comics and asked about it. Which in turn led me to Japanese signs and what they mean and yeah…same signs have very different meaning depending on where you are. Not only culturally but even regionally 🙂 So yeah, input is a good thing.

        As for Anime in Europe it’s actually on the up rise as of late. One Piece doing it’s miraculous thing also Naruto and such but late 90s middle of 2000 it was shrinking fast 🙁 And when it started to recuperate they tried to regionally lock it. Rights holders in Japan really didn’t get that Europe is 50 something countries. Even today they try to geo-block streaming to just certain European countries. Which within 2 years, hopefully, will be illegal in Europe for all digital goods ^^ Btw all this information is from a friend that actually worked for Nordic Shounen Jump and tons of forum/online paper digging and also a few support mails ^^

  • finchiekins

    Hakumei to Michiko sounds like the best thing.