Chic Pixel Plus Episode 28 – The Red Child Conspiracy

Gel Gatchaman Crowds Insight

In this week’s slightly overdue episode, Sarah digs deep into Gatchaman Crowds insight, I accidentally watch all of Gangsta., and the stars align for not one, but two anime fashion montages. We also announce our next Manga Book Club pick, Hakumei to Michiko, talk about the exciting world of Japanese ice, discuss a new Yowamushi Pedal app, and offer some first impressions of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls!

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[Yowamushi Pedal Puchitto Racers Tutorial]

Opening ♫ – “Nazo Nazo” by Bakubaku Dokin

Closing ♫ – “renegade” by Stereo Dive Foundation


About Anne Lee

Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.

  • Franggio Hogland

    ohh great…now I have to put on pants so I can carry my phone while I cook and listen to the pod…that’s actually a good thing 😀

    • Have fun! 😉

      • Franggio Hogland

        About Danganronpa and the girls being the action heavy ones….Did you know that crimes with women as the perp has risen with 50% since the 70s? 😉 Just saying 😀

        Gangsta is awesome 🙂 And yes….really dark from time to time but then *droopy eyes* brightens it up ^^ As for Alex I would say she is probably central american yes. Animation quality has really killed off many animes for me 🙁 I can’t often handle it if it’s really crappy but they have often, thankfully, fixed it up for the BD releases. But I reckon it’s a mix of bad quality and it often loses it’s self with boring fluff. As for Umaru-chan…is the brother the straightman? Haven’t watched it but from gifs and people speaking it seems as they are setup in a classic duo setup.

        Food…who cuts and peels their potatoes? That just feels weird and as for falling apart? I know King Edward, porvita and almond ones can fall apart due to their flour like consistency. Anyway I think I need to follow Sarah as she seems nice as well ^^

        • Hmm well I get that the brother in Umaru-chan is meant to be the straightman, but he doesn’t literally have to be a man! I think any number of other characters could have taken his place.

          As for food, who doesn’t cut their potatoes?? I don’t always peel mine, but if I’m boiling them I always chop first since they cook faster. Skin off if I’l doing a traditional Japanese mash

          And if you like the podcast, I bet you would enjoy the other things Sarah has to say, too! She’s been periscoping Japanese television lately and it’s a lot of fun

          • Franggio Hogland

            ahh my bad I thought you meant that the function the brother fills was unnecessary. My bad 🙂
            You only cut and peel your potatoes if your doing mash…sometimes 😀 Other than that you keep the peel on! you loose way to much of the C-vitamins and other stuff if you peel it and if you feel the need to peel it due to chemical pollution…buy potatoes from somewhere else. Don’t mess with my potatoes! ^^

          • Ok, well I can agree that the only time a potato should be peeled is when it’s in a mash! I love those nutrients :3