Chic Pixel Plus Episode 27 – Princes, Boyfriends, and Chii-chan

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Sarah’s Yume100 parody comic

Episode 27 of Chic Pixel Plus is full of princes and boyfriends! Prince boyfriends, if you will. Oh, and we also discuss our first Manga Book Club pick, Chii-chan wa Chotto Tarinai and reminisce about our youth. Ah, to be young and have prince boyfriends.

Other exciting topics include that absurd new Final Fantasy XV trailer, a comic called Otaku Dad, our bi-weekly anime recap, and a woeful tale of failure in Sarah’s Nippon Neighborhood Watch report. Enjoy, and don’t forget to send us feedback! We love hearing from you.

[Japanese Kindle tutorial, Japanese iTunes tutorial]

Opening ♫ – “This New Year” by Big Tree

Closing ♫ – Squid Sisters song


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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.

  • Franggio Hogland

    Anne…you’re kinda dark on the inside??? (๑°艸°๑)

    Anyway to a more serious issue. Not sure if I should write to the mail or not but I’ll write it here in case anyone else has more input.

    FFXV – Dawn Trailer. That intro, I never saw it like that. Seemed pretty boring with her being kidnapped and going full on damsel instead of the “strong” and “independent” woman we we’re promised(I have problems trusting a dude that can’t understand the difference between wanting a female party member and being “to sexy”. *sigh*) Like this is the moment she “died” and before she was used as a pawn in this political “intrigue”. But that’s my “sensibility” working here I reckon as I find it hard to believe that SE would be that stupid.
    But yeah, the more I look at it the more I think it can be looked at that way 🙁

    Meh scrap it and do the gender swapped party 😀 At least for Cindy but keep Gladiolus and have his female counterpart be his twin sister and I’m more than content ^^ Actually just have them 3 and I would be set ^^ Oh and get rid of them red Wellies. Please! I don’t care if they are some high fashion Italian brand look alike. They look like uglier Wellies 😐

    • apricotsushi

      Haha yes I guess I have a bit of a dark streak in me XD

      And thanks for your comments about the FFXV trailer. I can understand that as someone who is quite sensitive to depictions of violence against women in media that I may be reading a bit too much into it! Regardless, even as just a violent scene with no rape implications, it seemed like a shitty way to start your trailer to me XD;;

      It seems like S-E has some very odd ways of defending their choice to focus on so many male characters! I don’t even mind an all-male cast (bring on the homosexual undertones, I say), but don’t throw your few female characters under the bus in the process >_<

      • Franggio Hogland

        Shitty indeed 🙁
        Well I’m no one to say what’s oversensitive or not. If your gut feeling says so it is true for you at the moment it’s most likely true for you. Not here to try and dictate anything just offering my view 🙂

        Things can be Shitty at this moment and be rad as hell the second after.
        Say for example that whoever made that trailer is very bad at their job and didn’t feel like adding the scene where Luna “awakens” to her “star power”(insert sailor moon) and summons Alexander to lay waste to her captors and escapes. That would be kickass imo. Something like that would be OK. A tropy awakening of power due to external force but this is bad 🙁
        I see no justification for anything other than that pretty dog 🙁

        Bring on the homo erotica 😀

        And about Cindy… Tbh I don’t really care. I’m of the school that think that if a man can wear it a woman can and vice versa. Like in NY where if they allow topless men women can be as well. But at the same time I must press that I’m fully aware how women are often handled like eye candy only which just bums me out. Probably not the best person to say anything…I have a strong bias for men being eye candy. Difference is that they at least have some agency 🙁

        And geesh. I type a lot 🙂

        • apricotsushi

          Always appreciate your comments! My usual problem with scantily clad female characters is when they’re presented as the only option for women in a narrative (as in, the only female character in x game also wears skimpy clothes), when male characters have a wide variety of depictions >_< I definitely don't have an issue with characters/people being sexy! For example, I'm 100% in the camp of Bayonetta being totally badass and awesome because she has agency. Lady can wear whatever she wants!

          I love your idea of how Luna could turn into a badass XD they should've put you on the script, haha!

          • Franggio Hogland

            Yepp, variation. Something for everyone is the optimal setting 🙂
            Forgive my crassness but being Just titts and ass running around isn’t just boring it’s insulting. Just add a link to a porn tube site and be done with it. Not saying Cindy will be a bad character just saying that at the moment she is 🙁

            And yes! Bayonetta! Can’t understand why no one has “copied” her. Suda has some older characters that can be said to have stood model for the Bayonetta “archetype” and some really rad women of color, even though tropy and boring characteristics of the white hair they are rad :). But that more people haven’t tried, they probably have but found little success? It’s weird anyway. Bayonetta is the epitome of strong, sexy, smart and totally kick ass 🙂 I’ll have to put in sequel one day. Was to enamored with the first so I just replayed it when I got my Wii U copy ^^

            And Anne thanks for liking my comments 🙂 I’m always around but don’t have much to contribute unfortunately 🙂 well unless you want talk about how I find hydrogeoloists to be quacks when it comes to energy drilling, or, pancakes 😛