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In the first official episode in the new season 2 format, we reveal our first Manga Book Club pick, discuss the first two episodes of the summer anime we’re watching, and swoon over the new Odin Sphere HD remake (note: English version was confirmed after we recorded). The Death Note drama gets what might be its final update on the show, and Anne implores everyone with a Crunchyroll subscription to read the Princess Jellyfish manga. We even unveil a brand new segment, App Attack, where we gush over the adorable smartphone game Alphabear. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! Send it on over to

[Chii-chan wa chotto tarinai on Amazon JapanJapanese Kindle tutorial]

Opening ♫ – “Kakusinteki☆Metamaruphooose!” by Aimi Tanaka

Closing ♫ – “WHITE ASH” by Insight


About Anne Lee

Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.

  • Franggio Hogland

    Anne Anne, you’re a “matoore” woman now? >_<

    As for VR, I had both the 1 and 2 Oculus here and there are quite a few good experiences but I think it's rather hard though. Discussion about it that is as most people haven't tried anything. I mean how can you explain playing a horror game and instead of popups you feel something on your neck and a pair of corpse coloured hands pop up from behind and blocks your sight. Using your FOV settings against you and just having those few pixels just in and out in the outskirts of your FOV adds that hair-on-the-neck-standing feel but I can't explain it you must try it yourself 🙂 And that's just for gaming. Still waiting for Sir Attenboroughs VR documentary. Really hoping it'll be an extensive part where they are in the sea 🙂
    Anyway all I want to say is please don't count it out ^^

    As for Anime, Gangsta would be swell to watch, to bad I have to pretend to live otherwise because apparently locking a series to one country in Europe means no one else in Europe residing outside of that country matters 🙁 But I'll see if I can't watch some of the shows you like. I really need to get my anime on ^^

    • apricotsushi

      Hahaha, am I missing something? I don’t know what you mean by this “matoore woman” thing XD;; I hope it’s good lol

      I definitely hear what you’re saying about VR 🙂 Of course it’s all speculation at this point, and is really hard to imagine what it’s like if you haven’t tried it! I’m sure if they come out with games or other media I’m interest in for VR, I’ll want to check it out XD

      As for Hisoka, Hiroki Takahashi is the original anime’s VA. Daiskue Namikawa is his VA in the 2011 version 😀

      • Franggio Hogland

        🙂 Nah was just joking. In the part where you talk about Umaru-chan and how bratty she is 🙂 I think you said you couldn’t relate. Might have misheard since I was riding the lawn mower at the time 🙂

        Ahh, I haven’t watched the 2011 version. hmm, I really should checking and they really did blow past the original and is nearly caught up with the manga…which will never be finished with all Dragon Quest coming out 😛

        • apricotsushi

          Oh, haha! Maybe I don’t like being reminded of my own innate brattiness… XD;;

          As for the new HxH anime, I really recommend it! The Chimera Ant arc (as you probably know from the manga) was amazing, and I think they did a great job on it!

  • Kookiebish

    You guys crack me up talking about the pillow boyfriend anime. Did you know about the apps? There are now Sleepy Time boyfriend and there’s one where they’re sheep men (I think that ones cute). It may be the closest I can get to a translated drama CD experience. That being said, this anime makes me sad and I wish for better. I’ve only watched the first two though. I thought the same thing you guys did during episode two.

    • apricotsushi

      Oh yeah, I was ALL about those apps for a while! They’re so silly XD Glad you enjoyed the discussion even though the anime isn’t all that great haha