Chic Pixel Plus Episode 10 – Academia Magica

In the 10th episode of Chic Pixel Plus, it’s 100% more hip nerdy ladies as I’m joined by Alison Rapp (@mnemosynekurai), researcher, product marketing specialist at Treehouse, and self-proclaimed feminist waifu! We chat about our nerdy academic pursuits, how she landed her sweet new job at Nintendo, and have a lot of feels about Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Our Madoka discussion (beginning at 00:41:30) assumes you’ve watched the 12 episode anime, and I’d hate to spoil such a great show for anyone, so be sure to turn the episode off when you reach that section if you intend to watch it someday!

Kotaku article on Treehouse –


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  • enorka miho

    Enjoy the pod cast talking on anime, BL studies and every other asian sub culture … Never really know there are a course like that.. If there is a chance, one day I may take up a course such as that..

    Nonetheless, above all I really like the Madoka spoiler-cast..So, please forgive me while I jumped right into stating my opinions… But, before that, I just want to say that I am a Homura fan.. I really like her conviction and she is the most level headed girl compare to the other magical girl..

    Right, beside the girl’s transformation as a result of puberty and how they face it… Madoka series tell a story deeper than just that.. To me it pretty much is about the female’s take on the huge world and how they would act when they have power.. It is almost like Marvel’s superheroes comic talking about responsibilities and consequences only in a more feminine and subtle way.. Which is part of the reason why I love this show so much..

    I am actually very impressed at how accurate the author could at times be in showing a female’s weaknesses and strength..Their care, naivety, ignorance, violence, friendship, expectations, temptation and love.. The personality of those characters pretty much sums up most of the woman we had in the society.. Not the exact portrayal just bits of it here and there..And cute, sweet stuff aren’t necessary good.. I mean, Never judge a book by its cover is never as blatant as that..

    Not only that, Madoka has a smart plot.. The sci fi alien theme is not something I would expect.. I mean, to delve even into environmental and humanity issues is what I never thought it would happen.. Even the time traveling which was explained more on parallel universes is all the more impressive, (though not perfect) because to have thought things out to that extend in a short story is just awesome.. Its mind blowing!

    Anyway, this show leaves many rooms for interpretations to different people who experiences different thing, and the writer is brilliant in just that… The emotions it was able to concoct will always make people speechless when it comes to describing the show.. No feelings generated are wrong, it only depends on what shoe you are wearing at the time..

    So yeap… I hope to watch the movie soon..

    But, before I go though, well, one last thing is, I learn not to care about what internet wants to do with characters a long long time ago… I mean, if I keep getting angry, I will fail to appreciate the beauty of those games and things I liked.. Whether it is highly sexualize male or female character as long as it is a good game, had a good plot.. Then I am fine with it…

    Though I had to be honest in one thing though… The thing that sort of irks me a little on feminism for entertainment media especially in games, is that, there are allot of talk but not much real action on it? I mean, if the game industry is infested by males who did story that undermine woman, why don’t woman who complained about it come together, form a team and do a better game than that? Sorry, I could be wrong, I mean, I see only things that was in the internet.. Then again, wouldn’t it be better to really stand up and show the man what woman can do than just expecting man to change? Well, that is just my 2 cents.. I apologize if I offended anyone..

  • apricotsushi

    Wow, you sure have given me a lot to think about! I wish I had been able to prepare for the Madoka discussion a little more, but unfortunately I just didn’t have time. I really like the points you bring up about the different ways the female characters show strength, and the environmental themes, too! There really is so much to talk about, and I think we got a bit centered on the deconstruction of genre and all that, but then again I’m sure you could have many podcasts just dissecting each of the different elements of the show 😉

    I understand what you’re saying about wishing there’d be more action re: women making games, or women (and men) actually doing something tangible to better the representation of women in media, etc. Of course I totally agree with that, but I personally don’t have any interest in making games (or anime), so I just try to do what I can to help, and for me, talking/writing about things is my strength (I hope! haha).

    But there are lots of minority groups banding together in different ways to create different types of game experiences… I actually just learned that the folks behind the Gaymer X convention are making a game that focuses on LGBTQ issues, for example. And there are a few programs out there to help foster female game creators, but I can’t think of their names off the top of my head… Unfortunately I think a lot of this stuff still goes under the radar of many.

  • apricotsushi

    Oh, and don’t ever worry about offending anyone! You always bring great discussions to the table 😀

  • enorka miho

    thank you… I really admire your spirit.. 😀

  • enorka miho

    yeap.. there are really allot of great stuff going on in Madoka.. And I understand though.. It is an overwhelming anime… It took me quite some time to process some of my thoughts… XD

    And I like your writing allot.. I like how passionately you write about the things you liked, which are very very informative indeed.. It is unique and not something that you normally see people normally cover in their game blog.. And it is more than enough though.. I mean to be confident (regardless of the amount) in the things you like is really the best way to show others the goodness of it… So please keep on writing.. I believe that passion is contagious.. 😀

    Sorry that I lost my cool on my previous comment.. Probably because I remember only the articles written in some other sites which were amplified by other game site..Lol..Also, you are right.. I think people are gathering up to do things… Just like Gone Home which is a point and click game released in Steam.. The game gives experience that gamers never really had before.. It even manage to change quite a number of gamers views on certain social topics…

    Glad to have stumbled across your blog.. Really like how you are open for discussion.. Hope to hear more of your podcast in the future.. 😀

  • apricotsushi

    Thank you SO much for your kind words! It makes me so happy that you like to read what I post and enjoy listening to the podcasts. I’ll continue to try to bring out good content that you’ll enjoy! And I don’t think you “lost your cool” in your previous comment at all! If everyone agreed 100% on everything, then there would be no worthwhile discussions. So please keep posting your opinions! You always give me things to think about 🙂