Vintage Find: 60’s Japanese Scarf

Hello hello! Since I’m a big fan of second-hand and vintage bargain shopping, I’d like to feature some of the things I find from time to time. Shaun and I recently discovered that one of the neighboring suburbs, Paddington, is quite the treasure-trove when it comes to vintage shops (we counted at least 4 just in the center of town!), so I hope that our future excursions there will yield some more great items.

This past weekend we spent quite a bit of time browsing around Retro Metro‘s discount outlet (the original shop was getting so full, they decided to open a second shop for all of their “bargain” deals). There’s nothing quite like rummaging through stacks of old tablecloths! Unfortunately, Retro Metro is a little “boutique-y,” so their prices don’t tend to fall on the “dirt cheap” side of things. Even so, I think it’s worth spending some time looking through things, because you can find a good bargain just about anywhere–and we did!

This is a vintage 1960’s promotional scarf from Fukuda Printing Co. in Kanazawa, Japan! For those of you who know me, Kanazawa is particularly relevant, as I spent 5 of my teenage summers working for a English-language exchange program with students from a technical college in Kanazawa. 

This baby was $10! As you can see from the close-up, it features a calendar for January and February (though only part of Feb is pictured here). This was most likely given out as promotional material for the company at the beginning of the new year, which is a pretty common practice in Japan. The new year’s themed illustration and calendar would encourage people to hang it up in their homes for the first couple of months of the year, and there may even have been a complete set featuring all 12 months total.

Shaun and I were both pretty excited to find this! Since we love all things Japanese and were looking for some unique ways to decorate our abode, this certainly fit the bill! I’ll have to iron it (and possibly hem it, seeing as it’s unraveling a little), and then we’ll probably frame it. Any other ideas for how to display it?

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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.

  • (This is WabiSabii from LJ. JSYK. /creeper)

    Is there anything better than vintage bargain shopping? That scarf is seriously awesome. I’d go with framing it up, if you can find something that will fit its dimensions. If it fits awkwardly, you could buy a poster frame that would fit it and couple it with some other Asian pieces and make a sort of collage…?

  • Hi, Kat! Thanks for making your way over here! The collage idea is great, I’ll keep it in mind if it’s difficult to find a frame that fits!

  • Anne the scarf is gorgeous, and what a bargain at $10. It sounds like a lot of fun finding it in Paddington. Not sure what size it is – or how fragile the fabric is. Depending on those considerations you could consider using it as a “placemat” or “runner” for a table centerpiece, special occasions, or as a face to a special small pillow…if you didn’t want to put it on a wall as has already been suggested. Anyway, loved your writeup!

  • Thanks for the suggestions, Mom! It’s a little too large for a pillow, I think, and I don’t really want to cut it up yet, but maybe I’ll do that in the future.

    I just grabbed a great old children’s book of folktales that I’m going to do a post about soon, for only $2! I’m planning on cutting it up for an art project

  • I just had a thought at random about the collage idea. You could make some origami or just buy some really cool ornate origami paper and do something creative with that!

  • @Kat Origami sounds like a great idea, too!!

    You know, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to comment on your blog forever now D: I’m not sure what’s going wrong but it wants me to do the type-in word verification thing, but it seems like the window is getting chopped off so I can never click the “submit” button! I don’t know what’s going on!

    But I did want to say I love Free People, and if you live in MA, you know they have a store in Boston? You should definitely make a trip there 🙂